June 21, 2018 | 2:31 am
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Training Your Dog to Sit and Stay

Training Your Dog to Sit and Stay

Your dog should have knowledge of some basic obedience commands. The first two commands that are relatively easy to teach are “sit” and “wait.” Keep in mind, some breeds are harder to train than others.

How to train your dog to sit

Ideally you teach these skills when your dog is young and easy to control. First you have to get your dog’s attention. The best way to do that is to use food. Use small pieces of food so your dog doesn’t get full too fast. You want to keep your training sessions short. Your puppy does not have a long attention Span. Begin by saying the word “SIT” clearly and simultaneously using your hand to place the puppy in the sit position.

Then say “good dog” and give him a piece of food. Repeat this process several times. After a few repetitions, your puppy may attempt to sit down without your hand on him. If your puppy does this, give him some extra pieces of food and lavish attention on him. Do not continue to ask for “sit” more than one or two more times.

It’s better to have several short sessions than one long session. Come back a few hours later and repeat the training process again. If you do this a couple of times per day, your dog will learn to sit by himself very quickly.

How to train your dog to stay

Training your dog to wait is very similar to teaching him to sit. The behavior you want is for your dog to stay in one place when you tell him to “wait.” The dog can be sitting or standing for this behavior.

Many people choose to teach their dog “sit” and “stay” as a pair of behaviors. Once you’r dog is sitting, praise him and then tell him to “stay.” Quickly reward him after just a second or two. He still has no idea what it is he is being rewarded for, but that is ok.

Continue to ask your dog to sit. Once he is sitting, tell him to stay. Slowly extend the amount of time you ask him to stay still, rewarding him after each successful “stay.” Pretty soon you will be able to begin walking away from your dog while he stays still.