June 21, 2018 | 2:32 am
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Dog Attacks: What Breeds are Involved?

Dog Attacks: What Breeds are Involved?

When looking into dog attack statistics, you must be clear about what you are actually looking for. There are huge differences between dog kills and dog bites. There is also a big difference in which breed is responsible for which action. For example Chihuahuas have an extremely high rate of biting people, but you are not likely to die from being bitten by a Chihuahua. Which breeds are most involved also depends on the era. Back in the 1980s, Rottweilers were more popular so there were more Rottweiler involved attacks.

Dog Biters

As mentioned above, Chihuahuas are extremely nippy. They have no qualms about biting you whenever they feel threatened, which, given their size, is often. Herding dog breeds like Australian Shepherds are instinctually driven to herd you. And the way they do that is by nipping. So even though they don’t actually intend to harm you, they still will bite you to get you to move. Other small breeds like Lhasa Apsos and Jack Russel Terriers are known nippers because of their small size.

Dogs that can kill

The current fading Pitbull dogs has led to an increase in Pitbull related attacks. And Pitbulls are extremely strong. Sometimes when they are playing, things get serious and because of their extreme strength, things go from bad to lethal very quickly. German Shepherds and Doberman Pinchers are both examples of good family dogs that are not very friendly to strangers. These breeds are also large, so if they start a fight with you, chances are someone is going to get seriously injured or killed. Rottweilers and Belgium Malinois have the same issue: bred for being guard dogs. And given their large size, any tussle with them ends with some extreme damage. All breeds of dogs are capable of biting people or attacking. Good socialization as puppies can prevent a lot of these types of aggressive behaviors from forming.